In order to take care of the environment, we have introduced the eco packaging option. Our eco containers are Swedish made by Duni – a company known for its avant-garde solutions in this area and products that meet the strictest EU standards.
The containers we use are made of sugar cane and rice husks, i.e. PLA bioplastic, which is 100% biodegradable and produced in an environmentally safe way. Duni has several eco certificates: FSC®, Nordic Swan and OK Compost.

The thermal bags in which our meals are delivered and glass bottles for juices, smoothies and fit shots are reusable – they are collected form our Clients and are reused by us.

Before they reach you again, the bags are properly washed and disinfected, while the bottles are washed and scalded. You can leave them outside your door every evening or once a week, and our courier will collect them.

Don’t forget to do that please, let’s take care of the environment together!

We also want to protect trees – in our sets you will not find a printed menu. Instead, look in your mailbox – every evening before delivery we will send you an email containing full information about the next day menu and macronutrients.