Why should you choose KIK FIT ?

At KIK FIT CATERING we focus on building long-term relationships. We work with conscious and demanding Customers who seek the best quality of service, personalized menu, flexible delivery schedule and a direct contact with our representatives.
KIK FIT meals are based on unprocessed ingredients and in-house production. Our bread, pasta, peanut butter, various plant-based milks, protein bars, desserts, ketchup, mustard, sauces, juices, smoothies and protein shakes – all are made according to our original recipes. In-house production that takes places in our kitchen gives us complete control over the quality, content and nutritional balance of the meals which we deliver. Contrary to the industry standards, we do not repackage elsewhere bought products into our own containers.
We devoted many months to create an innovative software which allows us to efficiently create individual menus by offering a complete freedom of adjusting the diet to the Customer’s demand. Each delivery is preceded by an e-mail information regarding tomorrow’s menu and macronutrient values of all meals. We deliver the exact amount of calories and the exact balance of macronutrients that you ordered. We do not underweight our meal portions, so by choosing our service you may be surprised by the amount of food you are actually receiving, especially if you have previously tried similar energy value meal plans from other catering companies.
In our kitchen we do not stock products in advance nor do we accumulate supplies. All produce and products are delivered to us fresh, on the same day the meals are being prepared. All portions are individually packaged and undergo a detailed, multistage quality control. A prepared dish is shock cooled immediately after its preparation in order to retain its flavor, look and nutritional values. Subsequently, meal boxes are packed into thermo-bags and sent to our Customers.



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2 metry zaangażowania i profesjonalizmu. W KIK Fit Catering od samego początku. Doskonale zna wszystkie procesy produkcyjne i logistyczne w firmie. Pozwala mu to dbać o najwyższe standardy jakości obsługi KIK Fit Catering.

Mateusz + Karol + Filip
KIK Fit Catering

Founder & Owner
Enfant terrible warszawskiej sceny gastronomicznej. W przeszłości zawodnik snowboardzista, studiował biznes w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Norwegii. Sport i zdrowe odżywianie to jego pasja, dzięki czemu KIK Fit Catering spełnia oczekiwania najbardziej wymagających klientów.